What Social Media to Start With

The idea of using social media to market your business seems like a great idea and it is if you have the time and money to do it. The first step before you even consider spending money on advertising in this space is to create company profiles or accounts with the major social media sites.

  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Google +
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

I would suggest creating a business profile in word which has all the interesting information about your business including treatments you provide, mission statement, credentials and anything else a potential customer may want to know or learn. Once this is created it will make it easy to copy and paste is into all the social media sites.



Additional Online Listings

Creating business listings on search engines and other relevant websites is also very important and will help with your websites overall SEO. A few that I would highly recommend that are FREE:

What Content Should We Put Out on Social Media?

Creating social media posts is fairly simple when using Canva.com. This free service actually has templates for the different types of posts you will want to create. They have backgrounds, inexpensive images and it is easy to use. I would suggest creating several different posts for the procedures that you offer and don’t forget about monthly specials or other promotions. Remember you want to stimulate the clients curiosity and interest so make them appealing.

The social media posts should have an attractive picture and or Before and After photos if you are promoting a specific procedure. Keep it short and sweet and have links to your website where they can get more information.

What to Write Along with The Social Media Posts

Make sure use a description of or an interesting fact about the procedure. Use hashtags within the description with a link back to your company webpage.  Here is an example for the post to the right. “#Microneedling can safely reduce acne scars on any skin type. #acnescars #TheLaserImageCompany”

Some post can just be inspiring words for the day, pictures of staff in action or anything related to the business as a whole. Be creative and fun as the customer base wants to see that you are human.

What is a Time Effective Way to Post Content on Social Media?

Our experience has lead us to a company called Buffer for social media management. This simple inexpensive service allows you to post to the most popular sites all at once and gives you the ability to schedule out for 2 weeks or more. The service will save so much time and is only $10/month, well worth it.


Social Media Conclusion

As we live in a digital and online oriented society, listings and social media post are a way to increase a websites SEO and reach new customers.  Make sure to give the posting time to work as Googles crawlers are will find the posts and the process will generate more website traffic and  and more business. MD Needle Pen, Educating Our Practitioners for Success.