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The MD Needle Pens are automated microneedling devices designed for durability, safety, and more effective treatment.  With a focus on patient results,  the practitioner has the ability to adjust to a precise needle depth and use three different types of disposable cartridges all with the same device. The up-and-down oscillating action of the MD Needle Pen cartridges creates micro-injuries to the skin, which stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This treatment starts the normal physiological process where new collagen is produced and the skin becomes rejuvenated and refreshed.

Microneedling Pen Treatment Benefits:

  • Naturally stimulates the body’s healing to rejuvenate the skin.
  • Safe on all skin types including ethnic skin.
  • Can be performed on all body areas.
  • Cost-effective compared to laser.
  • Increases penetration of serums.
  • Sterile needles are non-allergic to humans.
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Why MD Needle Pen?

Your Success is Our Success.

We are committed to educating practitioners and customers on the benefits and use of microneedling.

    • Medical Grade Micro Needle Pen
    • Optimal results from one device.
    • Professional Support from Practitioners.
    • Advanced Treatment Protocols
    • Marketing Samples
    • Video Tutorials

MD Needle Pen Kit – $995

MD Needle Pen Kit – $1295

“We have used the MD Needle Pen for nano skin rejuvenation treatments and our clients absolutely love the results. We recommend this device for its durability, flexibility and the company support is outstanding”

– Carlos Garcia, Operations Manager

shriners hospital micro needle review

“We decided to try microneedling as an alternative treatment to laser for hypertrophic burn scars. The MD Needle Pen worked perfectly and the results from the procedure markedly improved the thickness, texture, and color of the skin even after a single procedure. Patients had changed without the downtime of fractional CO2. Microneedling treatments are a perfect solution for scars, especially for those children that do not live in close proximity to the hospital”

– Dr. Au, Shriners Hospital for Children


“Developing new treatment protocols with the MD Needle Pen has been rewarding for the patients and the business overall. Offering a procedure that is safe on all skin types with an extremely high patient satisfaction rate is what every aesthetic practice needs and microneedling with this pen is it.”

– Sara K., The Laser Image Company

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  1 MD Needle Pen or MD Needle Pen II with 2 batteries (Can be used w/cord and cordless)
  • 10 Replacement Needle cartridges (12 pin or nano depending on what kit is purchased)
  • 25 Brochures
  • 1 Hyaluronic Acid
  • Website access to the Success Portal. (This is an online Educational Tool with microneedling training manual, video tutorial, needle depth chart, pre/post instructions, consent forms, and more)
  • Email and phone access to the trainer for any questions.

The benefit of microneedling is its safety and versatility. It can be performed on people of any skin type, and used on any area of the face and body for a myriad of skin conditions. Benefits include the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, scars, and pores.  The only areas where microneedling is not recommended are inside the orbital rim and lips.

Microneedling treatments stimulate the body’s natural healing process to injury. For best results, the patient should be in good health with no auto-immune issues.

Both MD Needle Pens give the ability for the practitioner to choose from three different types of cartridges, all of which can be used on the same device.  The result is the opportunity for any practitioner to treat many different skin conditions.

  • 12 Pin cartridges – 12 sterile needles, adjustable from 0.25 to 2.5 mm. Multiple microneedling treatments can have remarkable results for wrinkles, acne scars, overall facial rejuvenation, hair loss, and more.
  • 36 Pin cartridges – 36 sterile needles, adjustable from 0.25 to 2.5 mm. These microneedling treatments create more micro-injuries superficially and are used to treat superficial concerns including fine lines and skin color conditions like melasma. The suggested needle depth for these conditions is 0.25 – 1.5mm.
  • Nano – These no-needle cartridges use silicon tips to infuse skincare products into the epidermis. These treatments are usually performed on the face at a depth of 0.15 mm and help speed up cell turnover. Results are glowing radiant skin and this treatment can even help with acne. There are no state board regulations for any skin care professional wanting to perform this treatment.

If people are asking for treatment with high efficacy and safety then search no more. Microneedling with the MD Needle Pen is the answer.

  • Microneedling treatments have a very high patient satisfaction rate with minimal downtime. The pen can treat at a precise depth, in small hard-to-reach places, with reduced trauma to the skin.  There is minimal risk of cross-contamination due to sterile single-use cartridges. Research has shown that having a series of microneedling treatments 3-6 times will have a dramatic effect on many skin problems. Some changes can even be seen after one treatment.
  • The derma roller device has needles attached to a wheel that is rolled across the skin. This design uses pressure to cause micro-injuries which makes it difficult to treat at an exact depth. The derma rollers’ round shape along with dull needles from multiple treatments can cause unnecessary skin trauma. Cross-contamination risk is very high with derma roller because cleaning is difficult.
  • Laser resurfacing treatment is very effective but painful for patients. Post-treatment the patient will experience oozing of the area(usually the face), where Aquaphor must be applied for a week and redness can last a month or more. Patient selection is also limited to skin types 1-3 and there is still a risk of post-traumatic hyperpigmentation.

Microneedling treatment technique is very similar to other facial procedures which shortens the learning curve for practitioners. The tutorials provided will show proper techniques for face and body areas for optimal results for patients. Single-use microneeding cartridges with sterile needles protect the patients during treatment from cross-contamination.

The online course is directed to professionals but can be taken by anyone who wants to understand the conditions that can be treated and the correct way to do the treatment. Following the completion of the course, a  microneedling certificate will be provided.

  • There are no specific requirements for the person taking the microneedling course and the information is applicable to the MD Needle Pen, Dermapen, or any other device available on the market.
  • The microneedling course includes a downloadable training manual, a needle depth chart, and all treatment forms required for the practice.
  • The microneedling course details protocols and parameters for many different skin conditions. It also suggests products to use in conjunction with the procedure for optimal results.
  • The cost is $295 per practitioner and the microneedling course does not expire or have any time constraints.
  • The microneedling course is not included with the purchase of the MD Needle Pen but a $100 discount will be given if purchased together.

Note: It is the practitioner’s responsibility to contact the medical and/or cosmetology board, in their state, to find out who is eligible to perform microneedling treatment. The certificate does not overrule the state board’s regulations. Nano has no state board regulations.

The short answer is that our microneedling device is not, but this subject needs a more in-depth discussion to understand fully. There are many different types of treatments, products, and devices that are not FDA-approved and are used every day by practitioners. Example: Botox and dermal fillers are used in different areas of the face where no FDA clinical study was done. Practitioners are constantly using non-FDA-approved equipment to perform their own clinical studies, changing protocols, device settings, and other parameters to satisfy patients’ concerns.

The FDA does not regulate where and how a device is used as long as it is within the scope of practice of the nurse, doctor, esthetician, or any other qualified practitioner. The treatment of microneedling used to be performed with a single needle manually being pushed in and out of the skin. This basic technique was updated using an oscillating motor to perform the same treatment in a faster more precise manner.

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