Today, one of the most common questions aesthetic professionals get from people looking to heal their skin, is whether they should go for nano needling or microneedling, and whether there is a significant difference between the two procedures.

At MD Needle Pen, we understand the importance of stimulating healing in the skin and want to help you answer your clients’ questions and guide them to the best treatment possible.

So is nano needling, aka nano serum infusion, more effective than microneedling for dealing with acne scars and other skin conditions? This depends on the patient’s skin condition and goals. Nano needling is a non-invasive aesthetics treatment as it only affects the top layer of the skin or epidermis, while microneedling can go deeper into the dermis. This means microneedling is significantly better for treating skin conditions like deeper wrinkles, skin laxity, scars, and skin texture, as for treating these skin conditions you will need to penetrate into the dermis for good results.

The nano needling is better suited for sensitive skin types and for patients who do not want any downtime, but would like something more than a regular facial, but aren’t ready to take the step up trying microneedling treatments yet. The results from the nano needling will not be as significant as the results you will notice from the regular microneedling treatments, but it is still amazing when using the correct active serums for finer lines, pore size, and pigmentation. You will definitely get the plumpness and glow back to your skin from nano needling treatments.

Should You Recommend Nano Needling Over Microneedling?

Nano needling and microneedling are often compared with each other, as both treatments are quite similar and treat the same general range of skin conditions. As both treatments engage the same natural healing response in the skin, it’s always a question of one or the other. But how do you know which treatment is best for you? When should you get nano needling over microneedling?

Nano needling and microneedling both use a pen-like device with an attached cartridge that oscillates up and down on the skin, engaging the skin and stimulating its natural healing response. The device essentially stimulates what is known as “cellular turnover and regulation” which forces the skin to rejuvenate.

One of the major differences between nano needling and microneedling is the depth of the therapy. Microneedling is deeper and more invasive, puncturing several layers of the skin (depending on the condition being treated), which is why it’s categorized as a medical aesthetics treatment. Nano needling is non-invasive as the treatment only affects the top layer of the skin, so it is only considered an aesthetics treatment. Also, nano needling technically doesn’t involve needles, and instead uses tiny silicone pins.

In short, patients who need more intense rejuvenation should opt for microneedling, while patients who need less significant impact and want a less invasive treatment should go for nano needling instead. As a doctor, nurse or aesthetician, your patients will obviously look to you to help them understand which treatment you need.

What is the Difference Between Microneedling and Nano Needling?

Microneedling treatmentMicroneedling

  • Can treat a number of skin conditions like fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity and texture, acne scars, pigmentation issues – hyper and hypopigmentation, stretch marks and hair loss
  • Uses a device with a needle cartridge equipped with 12-36 fine needles.
  • Adjustable parameters including depth of 0.25 to 2.5mm and speed to treat various skin conditions and skin types.
  • Treats through the epidermis into the dermis.
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production by inflicting micro-injuries in the skin, leading to skin rejuvenation.
  • Downtime could be 12 to 48 hours depending on treatment parameters.
  • Monthly treatments with anywhere from 3-6 procedures needed to start.

Nano Needling

  • Treat fine lines, improve skin tone and texture, pore size, acne and pigmentation.
  • Similar device but no needles are actually used; instead of stainless steel needles, the cartridge uses 81 tiny silicone cones.
  • The silicone cones spread the cells in the top layer of the skin (the epidermis), creating nano channels to a depth of .15 mm.
  • Customized active ingredients for serum infusion will promote change for specific skin conditions.
  • Non-invasive aesthetic treatment, making it safe for all skin conditions and types and will give immediate glow and plumpness to the skin.

Which Treatment Is Best for What Skin Condition?

Deciding between microneedling or nano needling depends on the patient’s specific skin conditions and skincare goals. Both treatments are acceptable and effective skin rejuvenation methods, with both microneedling and nano needling treating the same general type of skin conditions. Microneedling and nano needling both help patients achieve positive skin results.

However, there are times where microneedling is the better skincare choice over nano needling, and vice versa.

Patients who are dealing with deeper wrinkles, skin laxity, acne scars, hypopigmentation, stretch marks, and hair regrowths need deeper micro-injuries for more effective changes, so microneedling would be the better option. This is because micro needling inflicts deeper wounds on the skin, producing more collagen thus creating more lasting and significant results.

For patients with less noticeable skin conditions, are afraid of needles and do not want to deal with downtime then nano needling might be the better option. Nano needling is less invasive and helps patients see an immediate plumpness and healthy glow to the treated skin. Patients can achieve general skin rejuvenation with a series of six to ten non-invasive nano needling treatments.

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