MD Needle Pen knows the importance of education when performing new procedures on clients. That is why we brought together skincare specialists with years of experience and even those internationally trained (CIDESCO) to create this in-depth course. It will progress from an overview of skin physiology to treatment techniques and advanced treatment protocols to give any practitioner the tools to tackle any client’s skin concerns. We are confident that with our continuous online and phone support the transformative outcomes for your patient’s skin will lead to a continuous profit center for your practice.

Your Success is our Success.

“Look no further if you want a detailed course that will give you specific protocols for many different skin conditions. Thorough and easy to understand” Danielle Paulson, Skin Care Specialist, Las Vegas NV

Your Success is Our Success.

The course was created by master aestheticians with real-world treatment experience.  The goal was to have the practitioner educated for success with the ability to correctly assess a client, explain how nano needling works for different skin concerns, and understand the proper treatment technique.

The course includes a downloadable training manual, all treatment forms, an advanced protocol sheet, and of course treatment support from our trained staff if any questions arise.  At completion, you will have the tools, knowledge, and guidance to perform safe and effective nano needling treatments.

We also leave you with the information to succeed. The training manual is downloadable for future reference along with all treatment forms for the procedure. Also included are the transformative guide of Step by Step Protocols. It gives detailed protocols for specific skin concerns with serum recommendations to use during the procedure, treatment spacing, and home care suggestions for the client. 

Online Nano Needling Course Overview

8 Videos – 8 Modules – 8 Quizzes – 6 PDFs

  • What is Nano Needling
  • Is Nano Needling Safe
  • Skin Physiology
  • Fitzpatrick Skin Typing
  • Benefits of Nano Needling
  • Nano Needling vs Microneedling
  • Consultation, Consent, and Contraindications
  • Pre/Post Treatment Instructions
  • What to Expect After Treatment
  • Skin Care Ingredient Recommendations
  • Treatment Frequency and Maintenance
  • Advanced Treatment Protocols for Skin Conditions
  • Adverse Effects on Skin
  • Safety Protocols
  • How to Operate the Nano Needling Pen
  • Video Tutorials
  • Downloadable Training Manual
  • Downloadable Treatment Forms
  • Review Course After Completion
  • Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know About Nano Needling Training Course

The Online Training Course costs $199 US per practitioner and does not expire. This in-depth course allows the entire training manual to be downloaded for future reference along with patient Consent, Consultation, and Treatment Record forms. Also, you will get advanced protocols giving settings and serum recommendations for different skin conditions.

Take as long as you need as there are no restrictions on the allotted time to complete the course in its entirety. There are 8 modules within the course and each portion should take 20 to 40 minutes to complete. Take your time because this knowledge will pay you dividends for years to come with your clients’ beautiful skin.

No preparation is required but we do recommend you download the nano needling training manual to help with the completion of the course and for future reference. This guide is all you will need to complete the course.

The Certificate of Completion will be issued in the name of the practitioner who completed the course and DOES NOT have to be renewed on a yearly basis. The student will have access to download this at any time in the future.

You can share the information with practitioners at your facility, but only one can be certified with the purchase of each training course. Each practitioner will have to complete the course on their own, to receive their own Certificate of Completion.

If you have a question about our online course please fill out the form below.

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