With so many new treatments coming out in the cosmetic beauty industry, which are good and which are just hyped because it is “the new thing”.

What is this treatment we hear about in the media called “Micro Needling with PRP” also known as “Vampire Facelift” and/or the “Vampire Facial”?

What is PRP? How really good is this treatment?

Let me explain.

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PRP aka Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma is part of your blood that is enriched with platelets. Blood contains small solid components (red cells, white cells, and platelets.) The platelets are best known for their importance in clotting blood.

However, platelets also contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors, which are very important in the healing of injuries.  We will be creating these micro-injuries during microneedling with the MD Needle Pen.  You can say PRP is a concentrated healing serum processed from your own blood.

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PRP is the plasma that is separated out from your blood when it is spun in a centrifuge.  The higher concentration means more growth factors to speed recovery. The platelet rich plasma is often called ‘”liquid gold”.

PRP also has been a popular treatment for professional athletes to speed joint, tendon and tissue repair and to heal injuries.

PRP works on a simple premise, utilizing your own natural platelets to instruct the body to create new collagen for tighter, smoother and better-toned skin.



So How Do We Use PRP to Get Better Results

First step is the blood must be drawn from a patient. The vials are then put into a centrifuge and spun for about 10-15min where the platelets are separated from other blood cells.  The platelet concentration is increased during this process.

This liquid gold solution is then drawn up into a syringe and it is ready to be used for the patient.

Depending on what concerns the client has, the PRP can be utilized in different ways. The platelet solution can be used to increase volume and collagen by being directly injected back into your face with or without dermal filler.

The PRP can also be used as a topical addition to a micro needling pen treatment or a laser resurfacing procedure like Fractional CO2. This allows the healing properties of the growth factors to be placed directly within the micro-injuries for faster healing and results.


Using PRP as part of these procedures will enhance the bodies natural healing effect.  Clients will have enhanced results, producing more collagen, and getting tighter, smoother and better-toned skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced as well as a deceased appearance of scars.

There are many studies showing the effects of Microneedling with PRP. Learn about Microneedling The Science

What Can We Conclude about Micro Needling with PRP?

Effectively PRP is enhancing the bodies own healing processes specifically in the areas that need a bit of extra help. The increased levels of platelets is far beyond the normal concentration because of the process and will boost the skin’s ability to rejuvenate.

Whether the platelet rich plasma is injected or topically applied with a micro needling treatment is a concentrated formula of the patients own platelets that are rich in growth factors. These growth factors are needed to repair the body, and come in handy too when trying to fight the signs of aging.

A PRP facelift treatment or Micro Needling with PRP is a great treatment for patients that want to use the bodies natural processes to stimulate facial rejuvenation. The MD Needle Pen will offer you a medical grade system to give consistent depths for more effective Vampire Facial results.