MD Needle Pen is always looking for innovative ways to advance the productivity of our practitioners and making the client more comfortable is an easy way to do that. With a comfortable client the focus can be on results and not discomfort. We have partnered with Sambria Pharmaceuticals to provide our practitioners a fast acting effective topical anesthetic with benzocaine, lidocaine and tetracaine.

We all understand that the microneedling procedure create thousands of tiny pin- pricks when performed. Even on the areas with thicker skin the procedure can be unbearable. If the practitioner is trying to get the best outcome for the client, using a deeper needle depth, then that may not be an option due to pain. That is where Neuromed numbing cream comes in to save the day.

The beauty of this variety pack system is that the three numbing ingredients are individually foil packed and when mixed together create a fast acting anesthetic that will give patient comfort for the duration of the microneedling or other cosmetic procedure.

Rapid onset, short duration benzocaine (20% concentration)
Medium onset, medium duration lidocaine (4% concentration)
Rapid onset, extended duration tetracaine (2% concentration)

All the anesthetics include a patented proprietary percutaneous (through the skin) delivery system that speeds onset, improves penetration and increases both safety and efficacy.

The system is designed to be the perfect dosage to treat a large area like the face and neck. Just follow these simple directions:

  • Remove makeup and take pictures
  • Mix the three ingredients to create a fast and long acting anesthetic
  • Apply to area being treated
  • Let sit for 15 minutes
  • Wipe clean several times and proceed with procedure.

If you are interested in learning how you can reduce the discomfort of your patients microneedling procedure with our BLT numbing cream contact MD Needle Pen!