Santa Monica, CA, April 25, 2016— MD Needle Pen. , A new supplier in the aesthetic industry announced the use of the MD Needle Micro Needle Pen for the treatment of hypertrophic burn scars for the children at Shriners Hospital.

“Working in the laser and aesthetic field for over 15 years we are always looking for new treatments or techniques to address the needs of our patients. Combining the knowledge of many experts in the field we design protocols to test the results of micro needling,” said John Santoliquido, CEO at MD Needle Pen.

Micro Needling for Burn Scars

An important patient need was brought to our attention and we looked into a solution. Dr. Au, of Shriners Hospital for Children, Los Angeles stated, “ Many of the children that come to our facility have burn scars that we are hoping to reduce. The families come from far away, cannot afford to stay for long periods of time and usually don’t live in the most sanitary conditions. These factors play a role in the type of care we can safely provide because the preferred procedure for hypertrophic scars is fractional CO2 laser. The problems are the children fear their skin being burned again and we can not monitor post treatment complications so we needed a different solution to laser”

Micro needling seemed like the perfect solution, it creates micro-wounds in the skin, like a fractional CO2, but leaves the epidermis intact, so there is minimal downtime. The micro-injuries caused by skin needling close within an hour, reducing the chance for infection and complications.

After researching many different modalities to treat burn scars, John Santoliquido found some studies on treating acne and hypertrophic scars with microneedling. Using this information we came up with a protocol to test micro needling on burn scars.

shriners hospital micro needle review

Benefits of Micro Needling on Burn Scars

The benefits for the patients were undeniable. The children, their parents and all the staff could see a visible change at the 4-week follow-up. Best of all the children easily tolerated the procedure, did not have to be sedated, (numbing cream was applied for 30 minutes before the treatment) and 10 minutes after beginning it was completed.

Many patients have already benefited from using the MD Needle Pen. Dr. Au stated “We decided to try the MD Needle Pen to treat hypertrophic burn scars for some of the children we see. The MD Needle Pen worked perfectly and the procedure markedly improved the texture of the skin even after a single procedure. Promising change without the downtime of fractional CO2 is a perfect solution for scars, especially for those children that do not live in close proximity to the hospital”


Micro Needle Pen Conclusion

Microneedling with the MD Needle Pen can treat many different skin concerns on all types of patients. With minimal risk, downtime and complications, skin-needling therapy will be a procedure used by doctors, nurses and skin care specialist for years to come.

Let the MD Needle Micro Needle Pen show you how to help the most delicate skin concerns.