PRF Injection System


System Includes:

    • Duo Quattro Centrifuge
    • Box of 24 Purple Tubes for I-PRF
    • Box of 24 Blood Draw Butterflies
    • Box of 100 (3ml) Syringes
    • Tube Holder
    • PomCol & PomPac Blood Cooling Set
    • Reusable Tourniquet
    • Setting instructions for optimal outcome.
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PRF Injection System

Dr. Choukroun Duo Quattro injection kit is a comprehensive system that allows clinicians to produce I-PRF for facial aesthetics. His new protocols will optimize the quality of the PRF. Each system component is cleared by the FDA providing peace of mind regarding patient safety.


  • 6 Pre-Programmed Settings
  • High Vacuum Tube Design
  • 110/220v Operation
  • 12 Tube Capacity
  • 41.3 Degrees Rotation Angulation
  • FDA Cleared (3007006186)
  • 2 Year Warranty