MD Needle Pen Kit – $995

Dallas PRP

“Everything in the product literature and on line is as described and we have been very happy with the durability of the MD Needle Pen and the disposable costs.”

– Don Buford, M.D.

“We decided to try microneedling as an alternative to laser to treat hypertrophic burn scars . The MD Needle Pen worked perfect and the procedure markedly improved the thickness, texture and color of the skin even after a single procedure. Change without the downtime of fractional CO2 is a perfect solution for scars, especially for those children that do not live in close proximity to the hospital”

– Dr. Au

“Developing new treatment protocols with the MD Needle Pen has been rewarding for the patients and the business overall. Offering a procedure that is safe on all skin types with an extremely high patient satisfaction rate is what every aesthetic practice needs and microneedling with this pen is it.”

– Sara K.

Accessories & Refills

*Cartridges Compatible with Skin Pen II and MD Pen*

Hyaluronic Acid – $14.95

Purchase Includes:

  • 2 oz bottle
  • Formulated with 100% pure and stable hyaluronic acid

Microneedling Cartridges – $90

Cartridge Details: Compatible with Skin Pen II

  • Package of 10 individual wrapped cartridges
  • 12 Needle Pins
  • Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Anti-back-flow design
  • Automated vertical needling
  • Vented port and hole
  • Fluid filter to prevent contamination
  • EO Gas sterilized

Microneedling Brochures – $25

Brochure Details:

  • Package of 50 brochures
  • Full color printing to grab your patients’ attention

Microneedling Training Class – $595

Purchase Includes:

  • 8 hour class (class outline)
  • Detailed treatment manual
  • Hands-on microneedle training
  • Success Portal (Treatment forms, marketing material, brochure templates, video tutorial)
  • Email, phone and video support for future questions that arise
  • Microneedling Certification