Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is rapidly gaining attention in the beauty world.

It’s a cosmetic procedure using a pen-like device with a sterile needle cartridge attached to the tip. The pen is lightly glided over the skin and creates  tiny “micro-injuries” as the needles are moved up and down by the internal motor. These micro-wounds turn on the bodies natural healing process,  stimulating collagen production to fill in fine lines and plump the skin for a younger look.

The treatment also helps with deeper wrinkles, firming and tightening of the skin. It can also treat acne scars, surgical scars, burns and stretch marks.



Healing time is minimal usually between 1-3 days. Most commonly patients will experience some redness afterward that resembles a sunburn which usually dissipate within 24 hours.

Keep in mind that dermal collagen remodeling occurs over time and it would unrealistic to expect damage that has occurred to the skin over a long period of time, disappear right away. A series of 3-6 monthly appointments is typically required to achieve the best results based on the severity of the skin condition.

While there are several different types of micro-needling devices, MD Needle Pen is a state-of-the-art device only available through physician’s and skin care professional offices.

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