When looking at making a equipment investment for your practice it is very important to compare all the variables to make sure you have made the correct decision.

Cost is always a very important consideration but do you have support from a company that has actual experience using the equipment in the field?

Benefits of The MD Needle Pen Kit

  • Includes All Required Treatment Forms
  • Setting Sheets and Manual Incuded
  • Online Teaching Videos
  • Marketing Samples
  • Low Initial Cost
  • Low Disposable Cost
  • Patient Brochures
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Best of all, when questions arise you have a highly experienced micro needle technician to contact and get answers and solutions.

MD Needle Pen Results

Having a low cost micro needle pen alternative is only good if the treatment results are the same. Here is a side by side test between MD Needle Pen vs Eclipse Micropen.