When looking at making an equipment investment for your practice it is very important to compare all the variables to make sure you have made the correct decision.

Cost is always a very important consideration but do you have support from a company that has actual experience using the equipment in the field?

Benefits of The MD Needle Pen Kit

  • Includes All Required Treatment Forms
  • Setting Sheets and Manual Included
  • Online Teaching Videos
  • Marketing Samples
  • Low Initial Cost
  • Low Disposable Cost
  • Patient Brochures
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Best of all, when questions arise you have a highly experienced micro needle technician to contact and get answers and solutions.

MD Needle Pen Results

Having a low-cost micro needle pen alternative is only good if the treatment results are the same. Here is a side-by-side test between MD Needle Pen vs Eclipse Micropen.