Before making the choice of what microneedling pen to purchase, you should consider overall cost, reliability, needle cartridge cost and  customer support.


MD Needle Pen was built on customer service and is our number one priority. Some of our practitioners had positive words to say and we hope this helps with your final purchase decision:

Los Angeles, CA

“We decided to try microneedling as an alternative to laser to treat hypertrophic burn scars . The MD Needle Pen worked perfect and the procedure markedly improved the thickness, texture and color of the skin even after a single procedure. Change without the downtime of fractional CO2 is a perfect solution for scars, especially for those children that do not live in close proximity to the hospital”

– Dr. Au

“Looking to add a new profit center to our office we decided to purchase the MD Needle Pen and take the microneedling training course. This was money well spent, the introductory kit came with everything we needed and the course gave detailed information and hands-on training. Our confidence after working with MD Needle Pen has led to happy patients and increased revenue…”

– Janae B.

Semel Microneedle pen reviewManhattan Beach, CA

Fountain Valley, CA

“We were looking for a more cost advantage solution to the Eclipse Micropen we had. With a 30 day money back guarantee, we figured if we did not like the MD Needle Pen, we would just send it back. After the first use we were sold and even decided to purchase an additional unit because the price and disposable costs could not be beat. We saved almost 80%, I highly recommend this pen”

– Alex E.

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